Thanking Our Supporters

We all know that the club’s biggest supporter and flag waver is Roy’s brother, Mark Rupert. He has the highest attendence rating after Roy and helps him mark the route each week.

Who’s there to welcome us with a smile when we check in? Mark! Who’s our water boy? Mark! Who’s there to literally pick us up when we’re down? Mark! Who keeps Roy in check? His brother, Mark!

So first and foremost, “Thank You, Mark!”

Mark Rupert holding a bike helmet for raffle

Mark Rupert holding a giveaway at the year-end picnic.

Deb Rittelmann

Deb Rittelmann

Penns Valley Pedals and Pints would also like to give a shout-out to Deb Rittelmann who takes so many great photos of our club…many of which you’ll find on this website and our Facebook page. She manages to capture the joy of riding and beauty of the valley even as we’re huffing and puffing our way over hilltops.

Deb also photographs races on occassion and posts photos for purchase.

Our Gold Sponsors

The Bicycle Shop Logo

The Bicycle Shop

The Bicycle shop in State College is Central PA’s oldest bike shop with over 500 bikes in stock. They joined us in 2019 bringing along lots of goodies to raffle off before rides. Visit them for mountain, road, gravel, commuter, BMX, triathlon and Cyclocross bikes.

Freeze Thaw Cycles Logo

Freeze + Thaw Cycles

Freeze + Thaw Cycles on Allen Street in State College has been a supporter for several years. They’ve donated gear that we’ve given away at weekly rides and the year-end picnic. Check them out for road, mountain, gravel, cross-country and commuter bikes and service.

Keystone Cultures Mount NitaNee Kombucha Logo

Keystone Cultures / Mount NitaNee Kombucha

– The modern world is hostile to essential microbiome, particularly to the ecosystem of the human gut.
– 75% of the human immune system lives in the gut.
– About 90% of our serotonin is made in the gut.

…All thanks in large part to our microbial symbionts. Your gut is truly the KEYSTONE of your vibrant life. So if your gut garden isn’t richly and diversely planted, your overall well-being struggles. Our raw, wild, microbially diverse, living beverages offer you a refreshing and easy way to help re-seed and rejuvenate the garden that is your gut. We help you tend your rainforest garden within.  Happy Gut. Happy Life.

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Pisanos Winery

Pisano Winery

Pisano Winery is a family run winery located in the heart of Millheim! We offer

– Wine tastings
– Glasses and bottles of wine
– Wine cocktails
– Local beer (Elk Creek!)
– Local spirits

Our wide selection of alcohol can be enjoyed in the tasting room or outdoors along the mill race. Free live musical entertainment is offered the last Sunday of every month 2:30-4:30PM, on which days food is sold, as well!

Follow the Pisano Winery Facebook page for current happenings!

Brush Mountain Lodge Logo

Brush Mountain Lodge Properties

Make your next getaway an unforgettable experience at Brush Mountain Lodge or the newly renovated Mount Nittany Lodge. These lodge rentals include 5+ bedrooms sleeping up to 16+ guests with chef’s kitchens and spacious decks. Nestled on mountainsides, the timber frame lodges offer rustic elegance with luxurious amenities, spectacular mountain and valley views, and the peaceful sounds of crackling fireplaces, rustling leaves and tweeting birds. They welcome you for a romantic getaway, friend or family weekend, or special event (meetings, weddings, retreats, etc.).

CentreBike's Happy Valley Ride with GPS

CentreBike’s Happy Valley Ride with GPS

Whether you enjoy long road rides, exploring new towns, the serenity of the woods while rolling down gravel roads or across rocky terrain, Ride with GPS Happy Valley has a route for you. Download the app to your phone (or explore our routes from your desktop) and we’ll point out all of the points of interest — shops, visitas, cafes, wineries, breweries, historic landmarks and more — along the way! Save routes to your phone to USE WITHOUT CELL SERVICE or print them out. We constantly adding and verifying new routes. See what it’s all about.

P.S. This project was completed with grant money from Happy Valley Adventure Bureau. Each time you ride a route, please complete the survey on their website to help them keep it running.

Our Biggest Supporters

Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks Logo

Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks in Millheim is our final destination each week for beers, cheers and quality grub. But they’re also a huge supporter. They generously offer a free beer token to each rider who pays the $3 donation before every ride.

Freewheel Creative Logo
Freewheel Creative, LLC is a marketing and graphic design company specializing in website development, collateral design and marketing strategy. The owner designed our jerseys and onsite maps, and well…this website.

Creative Design & Printing Logo

Creative Design & Printing by Scott Dennison has been printing our rack cards, posters and other materials since our first year. We’re always glad to see him when he joins us for an occasional weeknight ride.

Bobbie's Kitchen Logo

Bobbie Dash cooks up some yummy grub! She caters our year end picnic with absolutely delicious food – just check out the facebook photos! She’s also Roy’s better half, keeping him well fed and needing the saddle time each week.

Email Bobbie’s Kitchen

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