Riddles Ride to End the Season

To quote the unofficial mayor, Andy, of P. V. Pedals & Pints, “It’s perfect. You ride, get ice cream, relax, ride back, get beer and food.” Yes, for the last Wednesday ride of the season, we’re riding to Riddles Ice Cream Shop. We’ll ride a few hills to earn it and take the easy way back.

The route is scheduled to be tar and chipped, if Penn DOT starts this week I will have a alternative route.

Over the last four years of P.V Pedals & Pints, Mark and I have enjoyed meeting countless new friends and watched new friendships form. One thing we didn’t expect was that the bike club would help inspire Mark to push through his medical issues and get back on his bike. He was riding most everyday since late winter until his most recent set back. Mark is home from UPMC now, even riding a little, but unable to join us this week. If you’re interested in learning about his medical situation, go to:


In Mark’s honor this week, I’d like to challenge the club to break our attendance record of 74 riders. The weather looks good, Andy and his crew swear by the ice cream and the Elk Creek Cafe says “Bring it – we’re ready!

I’ll be signing riders in this week and will be out on the route trying to keep an eye on everyone as well as Mark has done for us over the years. My cell number is 360-0243.

Trust me, I won’t have a beer while you’re sweating and swearing up the hills!



7/29/21 – Local Ride

7/29/21 – Local Ride

Route Link: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/4526826280P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 7/29/2021...

7/22/21 – Allison Road Ride

7/22/21 – Allison Road Ride

It looks like we have a good weather forecast for this Thursday’s ride through Spring Mills. This route is dangerously close to Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop, your call!