8/28/2019 – Green Grove to Allison Ride

Green Grove to Allison Rd Ride

We’re taking a 19 mile ride this week through Spring Mills and along Green Grove Road. We’ll return via Orndorf Rd. which has recently had the rough sections repaved. We’ll be on Rt 45 for just a short few hundred yards. Keep in mind, you’re always free to ride your own route; just return to the Elk Creek Cafe to join up with the rest of us.
This weeks the route will be marked in BLUE arrows.
And always remember on these winding Valley roads to stay in your lane and Share the Road!

Volunteer for the UnPaved Bike Race

After the season last year several of us volunteered to help out with the UnPaved Bike Race. We all had a really good time meeting new people and enjoying the fall weather. This is a really well organized event with around 800 riders this year. There are four routes of varying length, with the longest being 120 miles.  If you have some time and would like to give us a hand this year, take a look at the information below.
Hope to see you Wednesday!
7/29/21 – Local Ride

7/29/21 – Local Ride

Route Link: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/4526826280P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 7/29/2021...

7/22/21 – Allison Road Ride

7/22/21 – Allison Road Ride

It looks like we have a good weather forecast for this Thursday’s ride through Spring Mills. This route is dangerously close to Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop, your call!