8/21/2019 – Apple Butter Loop

Apple Butter Loop Ride

We are going to try to ride the Apple Butter Loop again this week since it didn’t work out last Wednesday. As of Sunday the paving crew had 6/10 of a mile to go, I’m hoping they will be finished in time for us. If not, I’ll have a alternate route. The problem is that every direction there is currently roadwork going on. I’m not sure I’ll be able to mark the route if they are still finishing up, so check the attached map. If possible the route will be marked in PINK arrows

Jersey Orders

We did get enough jersey’s ordered to get a price break. I’m hoping they come in around $72.00. I’ll leave the order form open until this Friday. Attached is the list of those who placed a jersey order, please take a look at it to double check the style I have you down for.
(Link Removed)