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8/12/21 – Two Valley Loops

P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 8/12/2021

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to thank all of the 88 riders last week who helped not only to surprise me on my birthday but also provided me with a lot of good conversation on the ride, and afterwards. It was a really good night!

It was great to see so many new riders last week! For those that don’t know, helmets are required.

This week’s ride is going to be a hot one, so I made it easy. There is a good chance of rain showers, so I also made it a short one, 16.6 miles. This route will take a little willpower, with us passing Creekside around the halfway point.

We’ll begin by riding through the Narrows, with a left onto Rt. 192 and a right onto Shaffertown Rd. Follow around and take a left onto Madison Pike Rd, a left onto Rt. 192 and a right to head back through the Millheim Narrows. Go straight through the light. in Coburn, take a right onto Penns Creek Rd, right onto Long Lane and right onto Mill Street, with a left onto Penn Street to get back to Creekside.

With the chance of rain, take a minute to look at the map, just in case I can’t mark the route.

I will try to have Millheim Fire Company follow us through the Narrows to prevent any cars from needing to pass. But please stay in the right lane through the narrow and anticipate vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

I apologize for harping on safety each week, but I continually see riders putting each other at risk and not sharing the road with vehicles. Last week the group ahead of me held up four cars by riding several across the lane on RT 45 for quite a while.


Safety Tips

  • Stay in your lane or along the berm on Rt 192.
  • Allow cars and riders to pass by falling into a single file position as they approach.
  • To reduce the need for passing, faster riders, please try to be among the first to leave the parking lot.

Short-cuts…only one this week.

  • Stop at Creekside half way through the route!

As you know, we roll how Creekside rolls. If they cancel, we cancel. Look for an email by 4:00 on Thursday with an update.


In an effort to start on time… we’d really appreciate it if those of you with extra time could arrive earlier so that we can get late-comers checked in more quickly. 

6/30/22 – Orndorf, Green Grove, Allison, Paradise

6/30/22 – Orndorf, Green Grove, Allison, Paradise

This week we are riding towards Spring Mills via Green Grove Road. This route will take us along Rt 45 for just a few hundred yards, please be careful and communicate with each other. Creekside will once again have beer for purchase after the ride.

6/23/22 – Pick Your Flavor Riddle’s Ride

6/23/22 – Pick Your Flavor Riddle’s Ride

This week we are riding to Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop in Spring Mills. A little hilly on the way over to make you earn your cone! DON’T FORGET money for Ice Cream if you plan on stopping.

6/9/22 – Brush Valley

6/9/22 – Brush Valley

*FIRST – A SPECIAL THANKS! to Brush Mountain Lodge Vacation Rentals.* This week we are riding to Brush Valley through the Millheim Narrows. We will have the Millheim Fire Company follow us to avoid any vehicles passing us. Still remember to stay in your lane! We will be on our own on the return trip.