8/5/21 – Local Ride

P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 8/5/2021

Hi Everyone!

Great turnout two weeks ago! We really appreciate the effort everyone makes to help our club be a success!

We could ride the route last week, so let’s try again this week.

We’ll turn left at the light onto Rt. 45 into Aaronsburg, turning right on Tattletown Rd. Headed towards Coburn, turn left onto Pine Creek Rd. At the crest of the first hill, we’ll take a left onto Broad Rd, loop around the Aaronsburg farms, riding back onto Pine Creek Rd. and complete the trip into Coburn. With a right onto Penns Creek Rd, we’ll take a right onto Paradise, a right onto Oak and a right onto Long Lane to loop back to Penns Creek Rd and back to Elk Creek to celebrate.

Safety Tips

  • Take a look at the attached map. You’ll see we’ll be riding Rt 45 from the start. Please ride safely! Ride single file along 45 and communicate with others about cars and other things that may be hazardous.
  • Please also stay in your lane and along the berm as much as possible during the first few miles.
  • Faster riders, please try to be at the front of the group as you leave the parking lot.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this week!


In an effort to start on time… we’d really appreciate it if those of you with extra time could arrive earlier so that we can get late-comers checked in more quickly. 

9/19/21 – Crickfest Ride

9/19/21 – Crickfest Ride

This Sunday, September 19,2021 PVCA will hold their 18th Crickfest Celebration. If you would like one more group ride, meet at the pavilion at Coburn Park, Coburn, PA. The ride will leave at 11:00. Afterwards, you can enjoy the music and food at Crickfest 2021.

9/11/21 – Picnic Ride (Final Ride of the Season)

9/11/21 – Picnic Ride (Final Ride of the Season)

I’ve attached the 2021 Picnic Route. This route will be slightly longer than our weekly rides. As always feel free to change it to however suits you. The ride will leave at 10:30. We will require you to sign in. You will get a beer token for your $3.00 donation, which will go towards picnic costs.

9/10/21 – Last Thursday Ride of the Season!

9/10/21 – Last Thursday Ride of the Season!

This is the last weekday evening ride of the season. We’ll be riding the Apple Butter Loop (because it’s our favorite!). Don’t forget to RSVP for the end of Season party this Saturday.