7/15/21 – Aaronsburg-Woodward Ride


Since we couldn’t ride this route last two weeks due to the weather, we’ll ride it this Thursday, July 15th instead.

For future reference, we’ll let you know of cancellations due to bad weather by 4pm Thursday with an email and/or posting a notice on the weekly post and homepage of the website.

P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 7/8/2021

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had great turnouts this year! I want all of you to know how much we appreciate your efforts to be part of the rides. We realize it’s hard to finish work and hustle to Millheim by 6:00 to ride with us. Thank you for helping to make this season a great success so far!

We’ll explore more of Aaronsburg and Woodward this week with the Tattletown – Bower Hollow – Quarry Ride! P

We’ll ride through Millheim taking a left onto Tattletown into Aaronsburg, riding a short section of 45 before turning right onto Rachel’s Way. Follow the road onto Pine Creek Rd, turning left onto Bower Hollow, then right onto Rt. 45. Turn left onto Cemetery Rd, right onto Apple Butter, crossing 45 to Quarry Rd. Then enjoy the final stretch of Pine Creek turning right back into Millheim.

Please be careful along route 45. There’s a nice berm along these sections, so do your best to stay out of traffic lanes over these short distances. Other than that, enjoy the rolling hills, amish countryside and pine lined roads!

There is rain in the forecast for this Thursday, please take a look at the attached route just in case I can’t mark the route for us.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this week!


In an effort to start on time… With every new rider needing to sign the waiver and to continue the community feel of our rides, we will not start until everyone in line has signed in. We know some of you hustle to get to the ride by 6pm, so we’d really appreciate it if those of you with extra time could arrive earlier so that we can get late-comers checked in more quickly. (And thanks to all of you that showed up early last week!)

Route Link:


9/19/21 – Crickfest Ride

9/19/21 – Crickfest Ride

This Sunday, September 19,2021 PVCA will hold their 18th Crickfest Celebration. If you would like one more group ride, meet at the pavilion at Coburn Park, Coburn, PA. The ride will leave at 11:00. Afterwards, you can enjoy the music and food at Crickfest 2021.

9/11/21 – Picnic Ride (Final Ride of the Season)

9/11/21 – Picnic Ride (Final Ride of the Season)

I’ve attached the 2021 Picnic Route. This route will be slightly longer than our weekly rides. As always feel free to change it to however suits you. The ride will leave at 10:30. We will require you to sign in. You will get a beer token for your $3.00 donation, which will go towards picnic costs.

9/10/21 – Last Thursday Ride of the Season!

9/10/21 – Last Thursday Ride of the Season!

This is the last weekday evening ride of the season. We’ll be riding the Apple Butter Loop (because it’s our favorite!). Don’t forget to RSVP for the end of Season party this Saturday.