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6/9/22 – Brush Valley
Brush Mountain Lodge Vacation Rentals

A Big Thanks to Brush Mountain Lodge Vacation Rentals!

The owners and many staff of Brush Mountain Lodge Vacation Rentals actively join us on Thursday evenings. Seeing the positive impact PVPP has had in the valley, co-owner Eric Campbell made an offer last fall to anyone local who wanted to rent their properties. Renters could name their price and 100% of the rental fee would go to Pedals and Pints — and Brush Mountain Lodge would match 50% of that. With that, they raised and donated $750 to the club.

We are so very grateful for the generosity and gift back to the community through our organization.


P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 6/9/2022

Hi Everyone!

This week we are riding to Brush Valley through the Millheim Narrows. We will have the Millheim Fire Company follow us to avoid any vehicles passing us. Still remember to stay in your lane! We will be on our own on the return trip.

Ride starts at 6pm….

We’ll go right out of the parking lot and through the NARROWS (PLEASE STAY IN YOUR LANE). We’ll turn right onto SMULTON RD and at the end turn left onto BACK RD. Turn left onto RT 192 / BRUSH MOUNTAIN RD (PLEASE STAY IN THE BIRM and PASS W/ CAUTION). Turn right onto BROAD ST., then left onto ROCKVILLE RD and follow it back to RT 192. Turn left onto 192 and right onto 2ND ALLEY to cut back to SOUTH ALLEY. Turn right on TOWN LN. Right on SMULTON RD. At the stop sign, turn left to head back through the NARROWS to Millheim
Check out the route link below.


Safety Tips

The “Narrows” are, well…narrow! So please stay single file through this area to allow faster riders to pass without crossing the yellow line, and cars to safely pass. Same on RT 192.


Creekside may be open! We’ll send an update later this week.

-Roy Rupert


6/30/22 – Orndorf, Green Grove, Allison, Paradise

6/30/22 – Orndorf, Green Grove, Allison, Paradise

This week we are riding towards Spring Mills via Green Grove Road. This route will take us along Rt 45 for just a few hundred yards, please be careful and communicate with each other. Creekside will once again have beer for purchase after the ride.

6/23/22 – Pick Your Flavor Riddle’s Ride

6/23/22 – Pick Your Flavor Riddle’s Ride

This week we are riding to Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop in Spring Mills. A little hilly on the way over to make you earn your cone! DON’T FORGET money for Ice Cream if you plan on stopping.

6/2/22 – Old Gregg and Back

6/2/22 – Old Gregg and Back

Image of first Pedals & Pints Club…just kidding! Though tonight’s ride will be easy cruising (Millheim to Spring Mills and back), don’t ride in uncomfortable attire. Get a NEW Elk Creek / PVPP Jersey and help us raise money for charity.