10/4/19 – Stop and Smell the Roses

You are invited to the Stop & Smell the Roses Annual Bike Ride. Not because we like you, because we know you have no problem skipping work and goofing off for the day! This is becoming an annual ride thought up by the P.V. Pedals Mayor, Andy Pieters.

Here’s how it works….the ride will be 32 miles, we will all stay together, or, no drop as they say in the bike world. We will regroup at the top of any hills. If you want to take a photo or stop and talk to the cows, we all stop.

Part way back to the Elk Creek Cafe, (mile 23)  we plan to stop in at the Frosty Hook to hydrate.🍺

Then a leisurely ride to Elk Creek for lunch.

We will depart from the Millheim Fire Company parking lot at 11:00 on Friday October 4th. In the event of bad weather we will cancel by 10:00 AM on Friday via email. If this is the case, those interested will still meet for lunch at Noon

Take a look at the map, if you want to change it to suit your needs or park a return vehicle along the way to take you back, feel free!